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About us


The Viva Group is a well-diversified group with a brand presence of over three decades. A name that’s synonymous with the transformation of North Mumbai.

Having carved a niche in the area of Real Estate Development, we have left our footprints as a dependable sourcing hub for a host of products and services in Construction, Media, Travel, Education, Retail, Logistics and more.

Our success lies in our commitment to always deliver the highest quality standards. We are the force that transformed the Northern Mumbaibelt into a vibrant suburb of independent infrastructure and commercial complexes. With more than 7000 homes delivered, and more than 5000 under construction, VIVA has reached out to the hearts of its customers with the sole motto of maximizing customer satisfaction.

Our values continue to direct the growth of all our group companies. Business excellence, a value that has always been rooted in the group’s processes and methodologies, enables us to continually improve operations and achieve the world-class mark.

We are poised to tread new horizons year after year. Being innovative in our thoughts, processes and strategies charts the course for future growth.