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Spread on a luxurious, sprawling, 30 acre land, Viva Vishnupuram boasts of 50 well-designed buildings, complete with every dream, woven for your family's comfort.

With our long standing expertise in the real estate business, and assurance of timely completions, Viva is delighted to present you a home that takes care of both, your comfort and safety.

Extending this thought forward, the residents will have special pick-up and drop off services from Palghar station. Stilt parking, a first for Palghar, will also be available in all buildings. Among other wonderful things, the property will be home to a variety of beautifully landscaped parks, to kick back and relax or get a quick adrenaline fix. We will also have a pet park for the surrogate member of your family, and a fully-functional market to keep your better-half happy. So no matter what the need there is something for everyone here.

At Viva Vishnupuram, you will get a chance to not only feast on the divine topography that nature has to offer, but also pamper your senses with our smartly designed, comfortable apartments that will make your everyday stay feel no less than a holiday.

Each apartment at Vishnupuram has been created keeping in mind both functionality, and aesthetics. The welcomingly indulgent and airy rooms have that perfect splash of natural light streaming through our beautifully constructed French windows, which open out to some breathtaking views.

But our effort to monitor your comfort does not stop here. Bringing to you our added expertise in the retail sector, we will also be overseeing the day-to-day functioning of the medical, general and consumer durable shops, housed within the township premises.

Moreover, the Viva Group is also a strong believer in co-existence of man and nature. Hence, special care has been taken to refrain from unnecessary ravaging of the flora and fauna on this spacious property. We have instead, used nature's bounty to add value to your standard of living. This is obvious in the 3 acres of lush greenery that has been left untouched.

We have also made special arrangements to conserve water in the form of Rainwater Harvesting, Ground Water Recharging, and given extra care to the property's maintenance by implementing proper Waste Management systems.

With all these spectacular offerings Viva Vishnupuram is easily one of the better affordable housing investments where aside from getting value for your money you are also gifted one more thing- Quality living. So if you have always wanted a home to call your own, but were too scared to see that dream, just go ahead, because in this City of Gods, OR because with Viva, dreams do come true.

Vishnupuram's 24-hour promise:

Palghar Taluka is a major developing city in the Suburban Mumbai network on the upcoming western suburban railway network, is a major junction beyond Virar and lies on the Mumbai - Ahmedabad highway NH-8. It is just 8 kms away from Maharashtra's biggest fishing center Satpati. Palghar has a major commercial hub and has number of prominent industries.

Strategic Location:

Located just 1.5 km, east of Palghar station, Viva Vishnupuram ensures connectivity via road/ rail. At present, Palghar is an industrial city with all facets of a growing cosmopolitan and also the most important town on the suburban railway network, after Virar. This factor will eventually be one of the prime reasons for the exodus that might happen between the Vasai-Borivali belt. So what better way to improve your quality of living, than to invest in a property which cuts short your commute and increases your family time. Moreover, with Palghar's proximity to the National highway, the sudden growth in retail sectors and the rapidly mushrooming malls, schools, hospitals etc, this once sleepy, coastal hamlet, is well on its way to becoming a thriving cultural and business hub.