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We bring convenience to the commuters of Mumbai with a phone fleet taxi service Tabcab. No more waiting and changing your transport; you can now go right from your doorstep to your destination which saves both time and energy.

Viva Logistics launched Tabcab in 2011, with the aim of offering customers a refreshing experience in spacious ultramodern cars. It rapidly grew to be one of Mumbai's biggest phone fleet taxi services with around 4,000 licensed radio taxis. Every cab is well equipped with infotainment devices and backed by courteous, safe and efficient chauffeurs. Our services are available at a click of a button either online or on the tabcab app or just call us on 63636363 and our cab service will be available at your required time.

Viva Logistics is all set to focus on providing comprehensive logistic solutions with a focus on supply chain management, which plays a very important role in today's fast-paced world. By extending the iroperations to cover rail, air and sea transportation, Viva Logistics aims to keep everyone ahead of time.